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16 November 2024 @ 07:49 pm
Hey~~!!! This is my guide to all of my fanfics and originals. I'm keeping out my updates/announcements to save scroll room. You can always look at my tags if you want to stalk up on me a little bit. :)

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29 November 2013 @ 09:28 pm
Is anyone out there still?
I'm thinking of posting some stories, NOT FANFICS, if anyone is interested...?
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24 July 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Hey everyone :)
Guess what???? I'm a seniorrrr!!!
Life is busy atm with marching band and all the senior things I have to do, and preparing for college crap.
I still suggest my AFF account for stories. ( http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/130663 )
I might actually be posting some real stories that aren't fanfics on here though because I've been writing things that aren't kpop-y..... Most of them are really good ideas but then I get carried away and stuff and it kinda turns sour or how i didn't think of it but for the most poart, I think they're decent-ish enough to post somewhere ^^;;;;;;;;;;
Not sure if I'll actually do that or not, but I have been thinking about it. :)

Hopefully I don't let anyone down... I'm not sure if anyone on here even remembers me honestly.... And if not, I don't really mind.... But I do remember a lot of you. ^^

Now random pictures ^^
kpop meme1





Oh!!!! I also have a tumblr if anyone wants to follow it...... I have a dirty one....And a not so dirty one.... :)
not dirty: http://shawolmint.tumblr.com/
dirty: http://bringmints.tumblr.com/
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Title: Belly Dancing Does NOT Make Me A Slut.
Author: Clariguard
Pairing: JongTae
Rating: NC-17 (at SOME spots)
Warnings: JongTae sexyness, bdsm, random shit 

a/n: So.... I made this on a document and uploaded on AFF in chapters but I'm just gonna be an ass and upload the entire thing..... XP Hopefully you'll read it lololololol 

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01 August 2012 @ 05:52 pm
So uhhh.... Hi! I'm coming back (kind of). AFF kinda sucks right now and so I'll start using both LJ and AFF.... Need tahh post my fics that I've made since I disappeared... 

Also, I'm injured, yayyyy!!! >_> OTL

See ya'll soon! (If any of you stayed around that is... and if so.... COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!)
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16 June 2012 @ 11:10 pm
This entry will be made public as it is to help anyone that is going to get a filling for a cavity. All experiences are different, I'm just expressing mine in hopes of helping anyone.

I've never had a cavity until now.

I just got it filled today and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

My dad had left a not letting my dentist know that it was my first time getting a filling since I had never had a cavity before and to be gentle and explain it all to me. My brother had to drive there since my dad was at work so I couldn't hold my dad's hand or anything.... (though i kinda wish i could've...)

They called my name and brought me back. The dentist that led me back there was really nice and talked to me about different options. She saw that I was nervous and everything so she asked what would be best for me, some laughing gas or the jelly smear before the shot.

I didn't know which but I asked for whichever would help the most. (I'm really bad with needles btw... I start shaking so..... euch.....) She suggested trying the gas.

Instructing me to only breathe through my nose, I did so. By then I had put in one earbud so that I would be able to focus on my music more.

She told me that I would start feeling kind of "funny".... Almost like on a cloud, or however you feel before drifting off to sleep. I didn't feel that. It relaxed me a little bit bust I was still nervous. I honestly wanted to cry because I was so afraid of it all. She decided to put the jelly on my gums as well and left it there for about 15-20 seconds.

By then, my actual dentist had come in and said hi. She was wondering if I could hear her and I could. My mouth felt a little weird. I could feel my left side but not all of my right. Not all of the feeling was gone though. My dentist had me open my mouth and poked around inside at the tooth with the cavity. She said that it wasn't a very deep cavity and that I wouldn't *need* the shot.

I was relieved by that. I've heard multiple stories and read that the shot was the worst part. She told me that it'd be almost like scraping the tooth a little bit and I'd be done. (oc, i would have the filling still tho)

Right before she began, she explained about what would happen in my mouth. First she said that if anything happens during it, to raise my hand and she'd pull out immediately. I nodded and she continued. There would be water and one of the tube that would suck all of it out. Because my cavity was all the way in the back, she said most the water would be in the back of my throat, and I need to just breathe through my nose the entire time.

I still had the gas in my nose so I think that helped a little bit, but so did my music. Really, it helped. It was distracting which is what I needed. But eventually it kind of.... didn't work you could say....

She warned me that if I feel something too cold or warm, too much pressure, or any pain at all, i should raise my hand. Then she started.

The tube was in my mouth by now and two ladies hovered over me. I couldn't really see the light over me since the gas nose mask like thing (idk the name sorry) was covering it and her hand was slightly positioned over it as well. That relaxed me a bit. When I heard the drill, it wasn't as loud as I thought it would be but it wasn't as painful as I thought. I knew there would be pressure but it wasn't that bad.

Then she got deeper. That's when it hurt. My body tensed and froze and I didn't raise my hand. I needed to but i couldn't. I was thinking 'just a little bit more, just a little bit more, you're almost done, you have to be!' and it was getting worse. Tears were welling up as I could feel more and more cold creep up.

It only took about a minute or two really of intense pain until she was done with that. She asked if I was okay and I nodded slightly, still not moving much. She warned me that the next part was going to be really warm though.

Entering me mouth again, I heard a couple beeps and started thinking again 'oh, this isn't so bad'. and then it got warmer. right to the point where it was almost too much, she stopped for 10 seconds or so before doing it again.

Once that was over, they had me bite down on a cloth (i assume) and asked if it felt alright. I saw no reason why it wasn't bad and told them i'm good and then i was done.

I had a sigh of relief. They laughed and told me that my body looked so relaxed and like jelly after it. They told me to just keep breathing the gas for another minute or so and then turned it off, keeping my laying there to breathe oxygen after that. Slowly straightening the chair, they had me wait another couple of minutes and talked to me about it.

I was starting to get feeling back in my mouth by now. I told them that I could feel the cold and heat and they were shocked I didn't raise my hand. They told me that next time if I have a filling, that I should raise my hand. I know I will because it was really painful.

I left. After all that, I got a bit of a headache. I'm not sure if it was because of the gas, the nerves, or the filling itself but I took some medicine and a long nap.

My overall experience was okay. My nerves always get the best of me but I should have told them to stop. If anyone reads this thing and is going to get one for the first time as well, I really really really want to emphasize how important it is for you not to push yourself too much during this. You do not want the pain. Trust me. I almost wish they gave me the shot as well because it hurt without it.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps someone.
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08 April 2012 @ 12:25 pm
As I said before, this is a personal journal now.... so......

Watch this and like it. It's for the SHINee Sherlock cover contest.
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07 April 2012 @ 12:03 am
I have OFFICIALLY moved ALL my fanfics over to AFF!! My usernmae is mintmusic! http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/130663 Please support me over there! Thank you! ^_^
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25 March 2012 @ 07:16 pm
Hey all. I'm moving over to asianfanfics.com ...... over there, people might actually read my stuff and comment, idk, but i hope so. my username over there is mintmusic ( http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/130663 --maybe that link works for you, idk). i'm not sure how much i'll be posting on there though. i might just read, idk....

this journal will stay open but is most likely to become a private journal where i rant about how much life sucks..... like what i'm going to do in a few seconds.... if oyu don't want to read it, don't. if you want to unsubscribe to me, please do so. i'm not going to beg you to read depressing updates or the fluffy pulling a bunny out of a hat updates.

now.... here's comes the blah....

so i'm in winterguard. and there's 17 of us. 3 guys. the rest are girls. let me say this, don't be grossed out, me more mature than that. i just ended my period. now when a bunch of girls are together for a long extended time, your periods start to go on the same time, or around it. ok, now that that's done, moving on.

my instructor is a bitch. i tell my mom what happens, she talks to other people to get their reaction and they're the same as hers. hateful, bitter, and upset. my mom has emailed this person multiple times in hopes that she will listen and make things straight. this weekend was our last competition though. everything went wrong.

after we performed, i remembered i had a dr pepper soda in my bag, so i took it out not thinking a thing about it. we were told to keep our uniforms on and not cover them up. see where this is going? yeah, i opened it and it DRENCHED my ENTIRE right side of my uniform, with some going onto the left. yep. i was insanely upset. and apparently a few drops had gotten onto my friend's uniform, she freaked out on me. lovely, huh?

so one of the moms said to go to the bathroom, change, rinse it out, and dry it. so i did. i went to the bathroom, changed, and then the girl came in the bathroom and went ape shit on me. "MRS____ SAID NOT TO CHANGE!!!" she was screaming at me. there were other guards in there at that time as well. "ummm, do you not see how soaked this is?" i asked her. i will say, i proly had an attitude because i was not going to do nothing, let the uniform stain, and sit in something wet and sticky for 5 1/2 more hours. -_- the girl kept yelling at me, and it was really quiet in the bathroom. they were all staring at us. lovely name for our guard now, huh?

so after she left, people started asking what was going on, seeing what happened to the uniform, and they agreed that i was doing the right thing. so i continued to rinse it and dry it. it didn't come out everywhere and you could see the stain on my lower leg still.

it didn't completely dry in the straps but i had to be back in the stands at a certain time and i didn't want to get in trouble for not being there. so i changed back into it with only the foamy like straps still wet (felt odd but i could deal with it) and i ran into a guard mom that was our driver and she said that we were putting our bags into the cars.

i decided that i'd get my phone and money out of my guard bag and oh look, NOT. THERE. I was about to cry. I emptied the entire thing, didn't find it. everyone else had put their bags away. i went around the place and searched for it, didn't find it. my mom searched my bag again for me. didn't find it. so we decided to look at lost and found. didn't find it. but. later on, someone found it in their bag and at 2am called the instructor saying they found my phone and money, and it was returned. but before that:

i was in a bad mood. i had ruined a uniform, even though this was the last performance in them, then i lost my phone and money. pretty unhappy. we were re-grouping for our troop out to find our placings. i wasn't talking with people, but i was in a circle with my friends. this girl was messing around with her friends and boyfriend, poking each other's stomachs. she ran around and used me as a shield i'm guessing. but. i thought she was trying to involve me in the little game to lift up my mood. she had squeezed my sides pretty hard. well,

silly me because when i turned around and poked her stomach back, she flipped out. she started screaming at me, and she has said to me that, "in the past, i've wanted to slap you across the face." ... she looked like she was going to. props for her not, but she went to our instructor and said that i punched her stomach. so she lied. so the instructor believed her, accused me of something i did not, was wanting to suspend me from school, move my hotel room, and was most likely going to remove me from colorguard and winterguard for next year, without hearing my side of the story.

i told my mom my side after the troop. she was so happy for us getting second place. we were all happy. so was she. but when i told her this, she was upset. the instructor pulled my mom away from me and told her, "we have a problem. your daughter punched a girl's stomach." then my mom said, "oh really? that's not what my daughter told me had happened. did you even hear her side?" then the instructor said, "no." well, there ya go. she judged me without knowing both sides, made a decision, and tried to take it into action.

thank god my mom was there. if she hadn't who knows what would have happened. i can't deal with this shit anymore. i can't.

i love guard. both of them. but i fucking hate the drama and that instructor. and now i know that she doesn't even trust me. my band directors don't want me to do marching band since our clarinet section will be too large and our guard will be so small. i'm not sure what to do. i love performing, i love spinning. i can do non marching band, but i'll feel so weird not doing it. not being able to see my friends that i do have in guard, and in marching band.

i don't know my decision. i have no clue what to do. i just needed to get that out. don't tell me what to do, don't give me some bs of 'it'll get better' because it's only gotten worse. i want to know your thoughts if you actually read that, what YOU would do and not what I should do.

Thanks to any that read this rant, and i'm sorry, i know i must have had attitude in that somewhere or everywhere, sorry.
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19 March 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Title: Rebellion
Author: clariguard
Rating: PG
Pairing: 2min
Warning: Some language, opinions/beliefs, !girl Taemin! (!US Government & Politics!)
Summary: Lee Taemin does not like how this country has ended up. She finds others who agree with her and joins their resistance. Society has different views and agrees with every single thing their dictator, Choi Minho, says. He controls everyone's minds. He does not stand for any disobedience. Sometimes.

a/n: (FINAL CHAPTER) I'm sorry that this is so abrupt of an ending for anyone who WAS reading this... but I only know of what...2....3 readers? I also got really bust at the time of the previous chapter and I couldn't find any inspiration after that. So.... I fastforwarded.... This was my first chaptered fic anyway so it didn't go how I wish it would've....sorry.... If I write another one, hopefully it doesn't end as horribly as this one. Anyway.....

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